Seek medical attention – T.I tells Kanye West

American rapper, T.I has called out Kanye West for his recent statement during the presidential hopeful’s first campaign rally in South Carolina.

Kanye West during his first campaign rally said “Harriet Tubman never really freed the slaves, but just brought the slaves to work for other White people.”

Tubman was an American abolitionist who escaped and made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people before her death.

His comment has since stirred reactions from Americans on social media.

T.I, reacting on his Instagram page, asked Kanye to seek medical attention or provide a logical explanation for his statement on Monday.

His post read: “No we cannot let you do that Ye. “What WE NOT gon do is slander nor disrespect the legacy of our heroic Queen Harriet Tubman by telling falsities in an attempt to discredit the contributions she made to Liberate our people because you buggin!According to him, Kanye went too far and blacks would not take any disrespect from him.

”This is absolutely too far, I truly hope you either have a logical explanation for all this or get the medical attention you so desperately need Bro. I say this with love and sincerity.”

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