Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has a message for African men ridiculing Will Smith

Ruth Kadiri has a message for African men who have continued to ridicule American actor, Will Smith for the way he handled his wife, Jada Pinkett’s affair with singer, August Alsina.

A few weeks ago, Alsina had revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Pinkett.

The movie star in a post shared via her Instagram page on Monday, July 13, 2020, said the larger percentage of men who have ridiculed Smith since the actor and his wife sat down to about their marriage are Africans.

“Have you noticed that its mostly African men who ridiculed Will Smith for forgiving his wife’s situation. To the women who laugh at Will and her situation, you know you wish you had a man who got you like that, but you don’t and shit hurts,” she wrote.

The actress went on to stress the importance of forgiveness in a relationship.

“Forgiveness should be both ways. #respect, love, and forgiveness should be reciprocal. If you think otherwise go and lick Tomtom. (Nobodyshouldstressme),” she added.

Kadiri’s comments are coming days after the Smiths sat down to talk about Jada’s romantic relationship with music star, August Alsina.

Pinkett confirmed that she was involved romantically with Alsina.

Pinkett’s statement came weeks after Alsina revealed that he had a romantic relationship with her.

Alsina says he met Jada in 2015 after he was introduced to her by her son, Jaden, and the two became close when he vacationed with the family in Hawaii in 2016.

He went on to reveal that he fell in love with her immediately they met.

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