Moment Diane angrily walks out on Ebuka after he revealed the actor she’s secretly crushing on

The latest episode of the BBNaija reunion was packed with a lot of drama with secrets being unveiled about the housemates, especially the once booming lovers, Diane and Elozonam.

The pair which were once an item and were even dubbed with the “Dialo” nickname, were a source of hope to most young lovers, but the recent turn out of events show that the couple might be at the verge of collapsing and just last night, the underlying reason behind the stormy ship was revealed.

Actor and model, Elozonam had poured out his heart towards Diana and shared how he ‘liked’ her so much and treated her with utmost respect but she never reciprocated the love he had for her as she always treated him as an ‘option’.

He mentioned how a particular actor whom Diane wouldn’t stop talking about, was also part of what affected their relationship. At this point, Diane ordered that she wouldn’t want the actor’s name to be revealed in the conversation, but Ebuka —somewhat unknowingly— went ahead to call out the actor.

The actor is popular Ghanaian Nollywood star and producer, Mawuli Gavor, known for Sugar Rush (Movie) (2019), Joseph (2020) and Devil in the Detail (2014).

As soon as Gavor’s name was mentioned, Diane walked out of the room.

Checkout the videos below,

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