Odion Ighalo Is Now Dating Nigerian Actress, Lilian Esoro

There have been several rumours and gists flying around online about the love life of popular Machester United footballer, Odion Ighalo, Especially since he and his wife, Sonia have parted ways. There were speculations of several new love interests around Ighalo, given his statue and status in the society, a rich young billionaire – He is sure not to spend too long on the side lines before finding another wife.

Lilian Esoro who was once married to Ubi Franklin has been pointed out as the flower who has captured Odion’s hunting eyes. Lilian Esoro had one child for Ubi Franklin before their heavily celebrated marriage crumbled to pieces amidst allegations of laziness, cheating and fornication – which all turned out to be true, Ubi Franklin has had 4 more children by 4 separate women after their separation.

We are bound to see Lilian Esoro fly to the United Kingdom very soon as the signals are all indicating that Odion Ighalo is looking to fast track his new relationship and Lilian Esoro who found fame when she acted the role of “Nurse Titi” in the popular Nigerian sitcom “Clinic Matters”. Lilian Esoro is very presentable and public presentation is a matter of interest to Odion Ighalo, given his new found fame as a Manchester United player (the first Nigerian to ever play for the English club) and his unending list of societal engagements that sees him appear in various public engagements in Lagos, Nigeria.

We hope Lilian Esoro has learnt from Odion’s ex-wife’s mistakes. Sonia disrespected Odion Ighalo’s family and generally refused to bond with any member of Ighalo’s family. She sees them as opportunist who use Odion Ighalo as their ATM, she even went as far as disgracing her brother-in-law online after accusing him of sneaking into their home to have a party while they were away. Sometimes this thing called marriage can be very complicated, even those who have money still find something to complain about and they say Money can buy love!

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