Shehu of Borno turbans Nigerian soldier


The Shehu of Borno has turbaned a Nigerian Army soldier serving in his palace – The soldier, Donatus Vonkong, was turbaned as the Zanna of the palace on Sunday, November 10 – According to the Shehu of Borno, Vonkong will remain the Zanna of the palace even if he retires from Military service A soldier has been turbaned by the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai Al-Amin El-Kanemi on Sunday, November 10. The soldier, a Master Warrant Officer of the Nigerian Army, Donatus Vonkong, was turbaned in the palace as ‘Zanna’, meaning, traditional aide. Vonkong is also one of the Nigerian Army soldiers attached to the Shehu of Borno’s Palace. Speaking on the process, the Shehu of Borno said Vokong is forever allowed to perform his duty as the Zanna of the palace. He said: “Whether you are in active service or retired, you are allowed to perform your full functions as a ‘Zanna’ in this palace.” The Shehu of Borno also said called for a lasting solution to the insurgency in the region while praying for peace in Borno state. He urged all Nigerians to continue to love each other despite differences in regions, religions, ethnicity, cultural and political affiliations. The Shehu of Borno had earlier organised a luncheon at his palace which traditional, religious leaders and other members of the public attended to celebrate the Eid-el-Malud. “This blessed annual remembrance day that has been marked for centuries by our forefathers is once again a time when all heads from various districts, other traditional titles holders and sons of Borno come together to celebrate and pray for Allah’s blessings and protection in Borno,” he said. The Shehu of Borno, alongside the Waziri of Borno and members of the Borno Emirate Council, led hundreds of visitors to the Maiduguri Central Mosque for Qur’anic recitation and prayers.

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