Why music industry can’t attract investors – Dr Whyte


The CEO of California based Southnice Records, Ugbaja Emeka Augustine, also known as Dr Whyte, has said that though the Nigerian Music industry is becoming world choice it lacks the structure to attract the right investors and global attention.

The music executive made this known in an interview where he spoke extensively on giving the entertainment industry the right global structure and other vital issues on music business.

“The music industry especially in Nigeria lacks structure. There are no specific roles for people to occupy in order for the industry to attract the right investors and global attention,” he said.

“Also, the distribution channels must be secured in order for artistes and labels to earn the full entitlements for their body of work. These are some of the basic things that needs to be secured for the industry to measure shoulder to shoulder to other global industry.

“Afro beat is the next Hip Hop choice of the world. This is what the world wants to listen to now. We are the next host for global attention in the music industry. I am very confident that Afro beat is the new Vogue.”

Speaking on his next step of action, Whyte hinted that he is currently undergoing intensive training on how to improve his skill in musical industry.

“I am currently taking on courses to improve my knowledge about the industry especially how to distribute contents to a global audience. This acquired knowledge I intend to bring back home to help fix the major challenges around distributions for songs”.

Meanwhile, as a record label Dr Whyte affirmed that Southnice Records is working effortlessly on getting music artists across Africa to sign on the label in other to take over the world’s Music trend.

“We are planning on getting more artistes and getting their brand out there to a global audience. Africa is currently gaining so much attention and we want to introduce artistes that have the right type of talent and uniqueness it takes to reach a global market. We also have plans to sign artist from Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa”

“We are currently putting in place the right distribution channels for our contents now and in future. We are in the era of streaming and any label that can’t monitor their distribution channels for their art will loose out in the competition for global audience”.

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